What’s up bitcheeez?!

Before anyone gets riled up, I want to explain that this expression”what’s up bitcheeez!?”

This simple question, comes from the pure joy from our good friend Eric who we fondly call Doc Yappy.

The tone and context shouldn’t be taken as sexist nor condescending to anyone.

This post is about 3 months behind as The Cruiserheads rode up to the beach town of Baler. It was also the first time that we were somewhat complete missing only a few mates who couldn’t make the trip due to prior arrangements.

The ride itself was fantastic as it was my first time to ride in that area. For a rider, the twisty roads and lack of vehicles was at almost perfect for riding.

We left Manila approximately at around 4am with Sam YG, Doc Yappy and Vina, Alvin and Gie, Bernie, Bu, Rico, Sexy Eyes Phillip, Jami, Ely and Audrey, Froi and myself.

We took our sweet time cruising and arrived a little after lunch greeted by a sumptuous meal at Aliya’s Surf Camp Resort followed by alcohol immediately after.

Let loose the wine, beer, sake and gin among these folks is a recipe for fun – wasted fun, music and laughter.

Here are some excerpts from that special day on March 2.

Bu: Doc, meron ka ba in-operahan na ok lang sa umpisa pero pagkatapos na-inlove ka sa gawa mo?

Doc Yappy: Hahaha! Actually meron pero di ko sasabihin dyan si misis eh

Sam: Doc tinignan mo si Philip ano masasabi mo at recommendation mo na dapat gawin sa kanya?

Phillip: Ako nanaman!

Doc: Sorry tao lang, hindi ko kaya gumawa ng mirakulo

After taking a quick surfing lesson (Sam, Bu and myself. We had no rashguard and wasn’t prepared for it.

Karlo: Pare sakit ng utong ko! Ang hapdi.

Sam: Ako rin pre….mahapdi

Bu: Parang sinipsip ng hostess na ayaw pakawalan.

As the night progressed and the drinks were like a never ending fountain, Ely took on the simple stage and played his classic array of melodies during his Eraserheads days. Blame the ambiance, alcohol and the company, but Rico The Raging Bull and Sam YG got on stage to fulfill thier rockstar dreams in front of a small but growing cheerful crowd.

Rockstar dreams by Sam YG

The loudest roar and cheer came from Doc Yappy who admitted on the following day, the he was smashed with a throbbing headache. According to him, he hasn’t had so much fun lately due to his working schedule

(business must be good) In his utmost excitement Doc Yappy roared What’s up Bitcheeez!? Telling everyone that all drinks are in him! Sometimes asking the wrong questions may give you the right answers unexpectedly.

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