Food Spotlight: SSC Shawarma Snack Bar

Nothing gets us more excited than a good ride and good meal. Kuya Kim being a resident of Manila for years has always mentioned SSC Snack Bar for having good Indian food and Turkish Coffee. Hence, it was one of those obscure Saturdays where having no plan was the plan. There have been two occasions that the group visited this place the former with Kim and the other without but with our newest member and Jay Contreras (lead vocalist of Kamikaze)

(L-R) Bernie, Mick, Karlo, Kim and Alvin

(L-R) Alvin, Karlo, Jay

The Coffee

Coffee is everything. I crave for it, i love it. I’ll even have coffee ice cream over chocolate anytime. When Kim said that the Turkish coffee at SSC is the bomb, then we just had to try it ourselves. Since the process of Turkish Coffee is much different from the usual, it is expected to have a more robust and intense flavour enough for a morning perk.

True to form, the beans were finely grounded left in the coffee itself. Though I wasn’t quite sure what type of beans were used (robusta or arabica) it did have a distinct aroma with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg as with the powdery taste and finish. The Turkish coffee was served, cezve pot good enough for 2-3 servings on a demitasse for each. I do recall pairing it up with a lighter noted cigar, (Macanudo) which added balance and a marriage of flavours.

The Food

We ordered the tikka which was tender, smokey and well-charred resulting to an almost full experience. Beef shawarma with Basmati rice, which was juicy and flavourful – the tragedy here is, it’s so good that a heaping of rice is mandatory (not for those on a diet) and final beef shawarma for all of us.

I personally loved everything about this place for the food, ambiance and the price. Its quite authentic in varying degrees but overall having a good meal among friends while glancing at your bike time to time makes for a really good Plan.

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