Confessions of a Fanboy

Written by Froi Ambrocio

It was a wednesday sometime early this year and i was busy at work then came a viber message from Karlo Magpayo. A Breakfast ride to tagaytay on a sunday- but not the usual crowd which I’m used to.

To my surprise, I’ve been invited to ride with the famous Cruiserheads that has the motorcycle world turning.

Not to say I was slightly uncomfortable, but any Juan de la Cruz can attest to be nervous and starstruck with the group members. Iam a simple entrepreneur, motorcycle lover and one of the few non-celebrities in the group.

The Cruiserheads celebrity profile include Rockstar Ely Buendia, BNO’s Sam YG, Sexy Eyes Philippe Florendo, Kuya Kim, Oyo Sotto and PBA’s Mick Pennisi and Enrico Villanueva. Until recently, another icon in the music industry – Kamikaze Jay Contreras joined and called the Cruiserheads as family. Emotions aside, being in the company of the these folks is any fan boys dream!

I wasn’t the only one…

For the first few rides i acted as if i wasn’t star struck but the fan boy in me was bursting out of the seams. Honestly, I felt the jitters but as it went by, these folks were just like any cool guy you’d meet with thousands of stories to share. It was when we did a ride to Baler, things truly changed.

I found out i wasn’t the only fan. Rico told everyone how he dreamt of that moment to sing with his idol Ely. That moment came for Rico, a real dream come true!

I yet have to sing on stage with Ely though.

Sam took the stage as well, who did a pretty awesome intro before their performance. He was his swabe self as usual!

Alvin’s significant other, Gie, shared to everyone that he would play and sing eheads songs in the shower, perhaps as with 80% of the male population who grew up with the Eraserheads.

If he ain’t in the shower singing, he’d be doing this.

At one point in our lives, we will always be fans boys and eventually grow up as men. I am grateful to get to know my idols and call them true friends with this group called the Cruiserheads.

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