The Coasterheads or Queens

Not to mistake the Cruiserheads as “queer” (though nothing is wrong with that) nor our fondness for Freddy Mercury’s music, the group ain’t all about machismo and masculinity- despite the look and swag the members bring.


For each member lies the true boss, the significant other , partner, wife, girlfriend or any other definition that binds the “tsongo” relationships tight. Like any chess game, the Queen has more game than any other piece that can glide vertically, horizontally and diagonally as she pleases, as opposed to the King, though coveted, moves only a step at a time. Sounds familiar?

A week ago, the Cruiserheads left for its yearly tradition ride up the mountains of Sagada (leaving this for another article) but what made this ride different from the past other rides was the presence of the “Queens” carving the canyons on their own coaster ride. The Queens took liberties of preparing and securing all the needed stuff for our ride especially the food and drinks to make the whole adventure a truly significant one.

Behind all the fun and laughter the Queens were behind the scenes, cooking, cleaning and having their own fun-time making sure that not one, but all were taken cared of. Matching the laughter of the boys and the wayward teasing and pranks, the Queens had their own thing going, chatter and gossip all rolled into one.

We the Cruiserheads are truly grateful with all the support and work that these ladies provided us and more. For real men know their own place in the essence of things and support and love their partners unconditionally. As Kuya Kim said it ” A happy wife, is a happy life”

Cheers to our Queens aka The Coasterheads!

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