The Coasterheads or Queens

Not to mistake the Cruiserheads as "queer" (though nothing is wrong with that) nor our fondness for Freddy Mercury's music, the group ain't all about machismo and masculinity- despite the look and swag the members bring. For each member lies the true boss, the significant other , partner, wife, girlfriend or any other definition that... Continue Reading →

Food Spotlight: SSC Shawarma Snack Bar

Nothing gets us more excited than a good ride and good meal. Kuya Kim being a resident of Manila for years has always mentioned SSC Snack Bar for having good Indian food and Turkish Coffee. Hence, it was one of those obscure Saturdays where having no plan was the┬áplan. There have been two occasions that... Continue Reading →

What’s up bitcheeez?!

Before anyone gets riled up, I want to explain that this expression"what's up bitcheeez!?" This simple question, comes from the pure joy from our good friend Eric who we fondly call Doc Yappy. The tone and context shouldn't be taken as sexist nor condescending to anyone. This post is about 3 months behind as The... Continue Reading →

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